Focus Areas

Innovative Local Partnerships

My engagement with local businesses is bringing expertise to students for unique STEAM opportunities

School Safety

I am actively supporting the district's and sheriff's implementation of the Santa Rosa County school task force

Vocational Career Opportunities

I am a strong advocate for realizing student potential with Career and Technical Education (CTE)

Fiscal Responsibility

The board is responsible to approve a sustainable budget while maximizing student opportunities. Every year I've been in office we have approved teachers' raises while reducing the school board tax rate for Santa Rosa citizens

2018 headshot

It is an honor and privilege to be part of the leadership team that serves the education needs for the citizens of Santa Rosa County.  I advocate curriculum that will provide academic and vocational programs that give our students marketable skills.  I have been endorsed by teachers and the administration for my stance on a wide array of issues, pragmatic achievable objectives, and steadfast support across the spectrum of challenges our students, teachers, and our administration face.



"You do an amazing job and I am proud to support someone that is so committed to Santa Rosa County and the individuals we serve"
-Daniel Balsavich - Assistant Principal SS Dixon Intermediate School

"My husband and I are both teachers & we are EXCITED! Congrats! We NEED YOU!!!"
-Casey Kimbrell Strokes -

"From coming in second in a wide field to completely obliterating your opponent in the runoff, that's about the most impressive win I have ever seen. Congrats!!"
-Tony Hughes -

"Carol, you are the rock. I am glad we elected you. I am a substitute teacher in SR and we need you."
-Howard Levins -

"You have been an excellent board member. I appreciate the way you research things and make informed decisions"
-Susan McCole - Assistant Superintendent for Finance

"She is one of a kind. Santa Rosa County is so fortunate to have her."
-Lisa Emerson -

"Carol, teachers notice and really appreciate your support at events, thank you"
-Charlene Mauro - Director Navarre Marine Science Station

"Carol Boston is awesome... if there is an event in the district she is there... if there is an event in the school... she is there. I have worked for the district for over 28 years and I have NEVER known a school board member to be more involved in this district as Carol Boston has been... keep her on the school board... VOTE CAROL BOSTON for Santa Rosa District School Board!"
-Lisa Dahlgren -

"Thank you so much for thinking of me on my graduation day! Without your support from 6th grade on, I would not have gotten where I am today! I'm extremely thankful for all your love & support!"
-Alison - Santa Rosa Student

"Carol's service as a school board member is a vital component of Santa Rosa's success. She has great commitment and attention to detail and represents her constituents well"
-Tim Wyrosdick - Santa Rosa County Superintendent of Schools

"Your devotion to our county is appreciated Carol! We are lucky to have you"
-Laura Julius -

"I'll never forget you! My first two days teaching kindergarten at WNPS! I was so nervous! So glad you were there with me!"
-Staci Weeks - Kindergarten Teacher West Navarre Primary School

"Very proud of you Mrs. Boston. Thanks for listening to those that elected you"
-Jerry Couey -

"I have enjoyed working with you and there is no doubt in my mind that you have contributed greatly to the success of Santa Rosa School District. I hope you have the opportunity to continue to do that"
-Paul Green - School Board Attorney at Law

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